About the Company

Creative Harvest is a specialist brand development agency. Creative Harvest aims to ensure that every branding initiative provides our clients with a competitive advantage in their respective industries and markets. This is achieved through our brand disruptive philosophy which undergirds all our branding offering.

Creative Harvest was incepted in 2007 with the aim to build resonant brands with soul through continuous brand disruption. Brand disruption we believe is the only way we can build differentiated brands that enjoys lasting market resonance.

Our mission is to build disruptive brands. This we attain though continuous brand disruption. Continuous brand disruption refers to disruption in strategy, disruption in execution and disruption in product and service branding.

Our vision is continuous disruptive branding...

Leadership Structure

Danile Busakwe (MA, MBA)
Chief Executive Officer

Danile is the founder and majority shareholder in the company. He qualified with Master at University of Stellenbosch and holds a MBA Strategic Marketing at the University of Natal. He brings brand management savvy and insights which are relevant to deliver disruptive branding. He adds immense value to the success of brand development. His strengths lie in brand strategy formulation, Public Relations and marketing.

Anele Busakwe
General Manager (B-Tech)

Anele is co-founder of Creative Harvest and owns 40% shares in the company. She holds a B Tech degree from University of Johannesburg with Sales and Marketing experience. She has worked for many corporate and private companies including General Electric and Toshiba. She brings immense marketing and promotion expertise necessary to deliver this task.  She will assume the role of communications and PR in this task.

Mussie Tesfay, Finance Director (B Com, MBA, PhD)
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr Mussie Tesfay, who has over 20 years’ experience as an accountant and financial manager, will control the finances and administration of the company. Mr. Tesfay completed an MPhil degree in International Management in 2004, a BCom Honours degree in Management in 2001, a BCom Honours degree in Accounting at UNISA in 2006, a BA degree in Accounting at the University of Asmara and a Diploma in Accounting at the University of Addis Ababa in 1992. He is highly experienced, as he worked for Asmara Textile factory as an accountant, for Eritrean Airlines as Lead Accountant, and for Issac Araya Auditors, in Eritrea. He also worked as a group accountant and researcher for Fimmworks (Pty) Ltd, an Aerospace Engineering and Defence consulting firm, for Katota International Property Group, and for the Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) for the last 10 years as financial manager. Under his financial management, SAYM has managed budgets in excess of 1.5 million Euros and over R200 million over the last 10 years, and has had regular unqualified audits. Mr. Tesfay is also a part time lecturer at the UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL).


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